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PREGDISK Ovulation Calculator - Fertility Guide

PREGDISK Ovulation Calculator - Fertility Guide

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PREGDISK Ovulation Calculator Fertility Guide - to help increase your chances of getting pregnant, even if you have irregular cycles (up to a variation of 9 days). If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, use a PREGDISK…

If you’ve discovered this Web Page, then you’re probably planning on starting a family – or maybe you’re planning to make your family a little bit bigger! And if you’re planning on getting pregnant, you’ll definitely want to know all about the PREGDISK. It’s designed to help you to achieve your goal.


WHAT IS A PREGDISK? The PREGDISK is a brand new Fertility Guide – a rotary Ovulation Calculator – that can help you to become pregnant. As you may already know, getting pregnant depends on timing – having sex when you’re at your most fertile. The PREGDISK is unique as it helps you calculate your Fertile Time, each and every month, until you’ve achieved your goal: PREGNANCY. Whether your periods are regular – or irregular – your PREGDISK will indicate your Fertile Days every month. You can plan your baby-making-activities around those Fertile Days in particular, which will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

HOW DOES A PREGDISK WORK? It’s very simple. Basically, you personalise your PREGDISK with details of your own menstrual pattern, whether your cycle is regular every month, or irregular. (PREGDISK works for women with regular or irregular periods, up to a variation of 9 days.) You’ll receive a 12-page booklet, containing simple advice about getting pregnant. It explains how to personalise your PREGDISK. It’s very straightforward, and, once personalised, all you have to do each month is re-set the position of the blue arrow. If you do that when your period starts, PREGDISK will immediately show your Fertile Days - the best days to have sex, if you’re aiming to get pregnant that month. If you make love every day or two, DURING YOUR FERTILE TIME, your chances of achieving pregnancy are increased significantly. Your PREGDISK will give you this information at the beginning of your monthly cycle. So you’ll know - in advance - which days to have sex and have a better chance of getting pregnant. Especially useful if you both lead busy lives, as most of us do these days.

WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD OF THE PREGDISK BEFORE? The PREGDISK is a new fertility product, launched at the FERTILITY SHOW, Olympia, London, on Friday 5th November, 2010. General Practitioner Dr Christopher Everett (rtd) and Ken Targett MA (who did the mathematics) spent over ten years developing the PREGDISK. At last, the PREGDISK is available, to help you if you’re trying for a baby.

PREGDISK Ovulation Calculator Fertility Guide - to help increase your chances of getting pregnant - even if you have irregular cycles…

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