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Different Obdisk models are now available…
Obdisk 3

The Professional 3-disc Pregnancy Calculator (Obstetric Wheel)

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The Obdisk 3 is invaluable – if you’re a midwife, or doctor – or an expectant parent.

You can use it to calculate the due date.

And the maturity of the baby throughout pregnancy.

It looks professional – because it is professional.

It’s very good quality and made of plastic – as you’d expect from a professional tool.

It was designed by a British doctor, who knows that healthcare professionals need quality supplies.

And that pregnant women need consistent advice – particularly about their due date.

To all parents-to-be, the due date is a special date. Even though only a small proportion of babies are born on this actual day.

The Obdisk 3 is different to other pregnancy calculators

It’s got a patented 3rd disc (Copyright: Dr.C.Everett).
It will show you the 'period dates' and the scan dates at the same time - if necessary: the mum’s ‘period dates’ in purple, and the scan dates in red.

So it’s really useful if there's a discrepancy between the dates – you don’t need to fumble with the discs!

And if there's no discrepancy between the dates it's even simpler – you can just use one of the sets of dates.

Some reasons why the Obdisk 3 is ideal for professional use:
1. It’s more accurate than many of the pregnancy calculators used in the UK today.

2. It’s very clear to read, because it's over 5 inches in diameter.

3. It fits into the pocket of a standard midwifery uniform, or a doctor's white coat – so it can be readily available at all times.

4. It’s very good quality.

If you're a midwife, GP, obstetrician or paediatrician, you'll know how to use an Obdisk 3 – even if you've never seen one before.

If you’re a parent-to-be, you’ll find that your Obdisk 3 is very easy to use.

Click here for Obdisk 3 instructions

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