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The Pocket Aid For Midwives & Students

Who is MidAid for?
The main beneficiaries are the Mums & Babies you care for in labour.
There’s less likelihood of disappointments, unnecessary interventions, or delays in vital action, if assessments of progress in labour are as accurate as humanly possible.
MidAid will help you if you’re a Midwifery Student.
It takes a lot of practice and experience to estimate 1 cm to 10 cm accurately.
For Newly Qualified Midwives, particularly during that memorable first year after you qualify, having a MidAid in your pocket will increase your confidence in your own ability.
Big decisions can rest upon YOUR assessment alone!
If you’re a More Senior Midwife you will still find MidAid useful, not only for your own assessments, but also when teaching your Students.

Further details about MidAid :
COLOURS : Purple, Pink...
Washable in warm soapy water
Pocket-sized, with dimensions of 12.5 cm X 10 cm (approx)
Strong and durable, with a thickness of 3 mm
Precision-cut from Acrylic (Quality Plastic)
Designed & manufactured in the UK
MidAid is from an original design, protected by Design Right (Lister, 2006)

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  The Pocket Aid for Midwives & Students  
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