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If you’re interested in Pregnancy, Birth & Babies, Midwifery & Nursing,
Medicine & Health, then this is the website for YOU…

Hi! I’m Sally and this is my website. It’s dedicated to EVERYONE

If you’re looking for an Obdisk, MidAid or Abbramat, then you’ve got
plenty more on offer here, too.

For Health Care Professionals

I can provide you with good quality and affordable equipment, for you to use in your work. I know that it’s tough on the front line, and aim to provide a range of products to make your working life easier. I’ve sourced many items that I’ve found useful, and others that would have been invaluable, if I’d known about them.

Abbramat Mouse Mat is available here – it’s ideal for anyone involved in health care provision (UK), especially Students.

All items are available for you to buy individually, but please take a look at my KITS, where considerable savings can be made. Nursing & Midwifery Kits are my speciality.

For EVERYONE with an Interest in Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

Whether your interest is for professional or personal reasons, I have plenty of interesting items in my Website Shop:

For Professionals & For Expectant Parents: OBDISK3 Obstetric Calculator
For Midwives & Students: MidAid [Midwifery Gauge]
For Breastfeeding Mums: LilyPadz Breast Pads
For Crying Babies: Babysooth CD & More...

For Expectant & New Parents

My children are teenagers now, but I remember my own experiences of Pregnancy, Giving Birth and Breastfeeding, very clearly. And I haven’t forgotten the sleepless nights! My aim is to offer you practical products, to make Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting easier and more enjoyable. Everything that I offer will be affordable. Newborn Babies don’t need a fortune spent on them – they just need to feel loved and secure.

* Many thanks for visiting my website *

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